Unleash Epic helps business owners transform their leadership and operations to achieve sustainable growth and lasting success.

What can Unleash Epic do for Your Business?


Establishing you as the confident and effective leader of a well-managed business.


Providing your entire organization a single point of focus for where you are going and how you will get there.


Building an accountable culture that seamlessly aligns your daily work with your strategic plan.

The Unleash Epic Process


Bringing you world-class solutions

Karpos Capital Partners

Unleash Epic is a trusted and independent advisor to Karpos Capital Partners.

We make warm introductions to well-managed, profitable business.

We leverage our insights from Karpos to help our clients maximize the value of their business.


Ninety is the leading cloud-based business operating system software.

Our Unleash Epic os runs on Ninety. This helps our clients fast track the implementation of their strategy and instill operational discipline.

Hermann International

For over 30 years, Herrmann has delivered proven, highly validated tools and systems that increase thinking agility.

We leverage the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment as part of the program to help our clients helping and teams improve communication, problem solving, and decisions making.

Recent Workshop Replays

Free Access to Key Insights for Business Owners

Kickstart 2024

A Masterclass for Your Business Transformation

Discover the same strategic planning secrets that Fortune 500 companies invest millions to acquire.

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to apply these proven principles to transform your business and achieve epic growth in 2024.

Foundational Business Systems

Discover the Secrets of Fortune 500 Powerhouses

Discover the six foundational elements that every successful business, from Fortune 500 giants to your favorite local spot, needs for healthy and scalable growth. These elements are often the focus of multi-million dollar consulting projects for big corporations.

Action Based Leadership

Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Discover the Action Based Leadership (ABL) Framework, a transformative approach that empowers you to lead with confidence and intention.

Our Mission

Empowering Leaders, Transforming Businesses.

At Unleash Epic, we believe that every business has the potential for greatness.

We are passionate about empowering leaders with the tools and strategies they need to build strong, thriving organizations. Our mission goes beyond simply delivering solutions; it's about igniting a spark within individuals and organizations, inspiring them to take action and achieve more than they thought possible.

We understand that the journey to success is not always smooth. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of resources, including proven frameworks, actionable methodologies, and expert guidance.

We are committed to working alongside our clients every step of the way, providing them with the support and accountability they need to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. When you choose Unleash Epic, you're not just choosing a small business consulting firm, you're choosing a partner in your journey to success.

You're choosing a community of like-minded individuals who are all driven by a shared passion for growth and achievement. Together, let's unleash the epic potential within your business and achieve the extraordinary.

Founder and Owner of Unleash Epic

John Vyhlidal

As a former military officer, "big 4" consultant, and Fortune 100 executive, John has learned, practiced, and taught how to be an effective leader in some of the most complex environments imaginable.

To be honest with you, he's learned the hard way, with lots of success, and lots of failures. John loves helping others by sharing what he has learned along the way. In short, let us help save you some time. At Unleash Epic, we know what works and what doesn't.

Our world needs more people who are genuine in their pursuit of both their personal and professional goals.

I appreciate your dedication to improving yourself, and your ability to accomplish your epic dreams!


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